Welcome to HackTor

At HackTor we like doing stuff that require some amount of "hacking".

As a Open Source Freelancer company, HackTor does small to medium programming jobs, mostly in the realm of IOT devices, middleware services, internet API's, chatbots and databases.

Next to that, we package open source applications into Docker or Podman containers that you can run on your own servers or on our Kubernetes cluster.

We have the knowledge and the tools to do a Pentest of your online services security; contact us for more information.

A small set of recent programs:

  • Gateway bot between Telegram, Signal and IRC chat groups
  • Bridges to Matrix and MatterMost channels
  • Receiver for Teltonica track & trace device
  • Receiver for Minew IOT device
  • Wifi/Bluetooth scanner for shopping malls

Some of these programs are on

Let us monitor your online services

For medium and small businesses, we made a monitoring service for your online resources. Check if your servers and services are actually online and reachable to the public internet, see if they are responding to requests as they should and monitor the validity of your SSL certificates. Get notifications by email or telegram message.

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